Investigating Trucking Companies

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Truck accidents often do not turn out the same way as passenger vehicle accidents. Due to the amount of damage a truck can cause, they tend to cost insurance companies a lot more money. Unlike passenger vehicle accidents, truck accidents often involve multiple parties, insurance companies, adjustors and investigators. Trucking companies are prompt at launching an investigation using their own team to yield favorable and often unfair results. Even if the truck driver clearly caused your crash, they will stop at nothing to pin the blame on you or other drivers involved.

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What to look for after a truck accident

Truck accidents can usually be attributed to the negligence of trucking companies and their drivers. Following a truck accident, there are many factors that can be examined to prove that the company failed to obey federal and state laws. They include:

  • Driver’s logged hours, including federally mandated breaks – Truck drivers are required to log the number of hours they spend on the road, including federally mandated breaks. However, truck drivers can falsify and change the number of hours worked in order to avoid violating federal Hours of Service (HOS) rules and regulations. They often do this to increase their mileage and pay. But a tired trucker is a liability for other drivers and his or her company. That is why some trucking companies will allow false logs to go under the radar.
  • Driver’s level of experience, credentials and qualifications – By law, all truck drivers are required to receive an adequate level of training, as well as CDL licensure. An unqualified driver puts everyone at risk. Companies that do not practice oversight over their drivers can be held accountable, especially if an accident occurs.
  • Whether or not truck trailer was properly loaded and secured – Trucking companies can be held responsible if a trailer is improperly loaded or secured. Some trucking companies may allow a trailer to be loaded beyond capacity in order to make more money, but an overloaded or unsecure trailer can be a contributing factor to truck crashes.
  • Whether truck was maintained or if any defects were present – Trucking companies are required to keep their vehicles maintained and safe to drive. All vehicle defects should be addressed and fixed. Failure to do so puts others at risk.

Our attorneys will investigate

If you have been injured in a truck accident, do not try to handle your claim alone. An experienced Portland truck accident attorney will launch an immediate investigation. With decades of experience, we know how to gather the facts needed to present a strong case in court. We hold negligent trucking companies accountable for your pain and suffering.

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