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If you or a loved one is injured and need a Portland personal injury lawyer, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced attorneys at Zbinden & Curtis. Jon Zbinden and George Curtis have the experience and resources needed to provide quality representation for people injured as a result of some other person or company’s negligence.

The attorneys have practiced law since 1982. Since their partnership began in 1987, Zbinden & Curtis have assisted thousands of injury victims and their families in personal injury cases, ranging from minor injuries to catastrophic injury or death.

Licensed to practice law in Oregon and Washington, Zbinden and Curtis have handled all types of personal injury claims, ranging from car accidents and slip-and-fall accidents to cases involving defective products.

Meet the Team at Zbinden & Curtis

Jon Zbinden, Attorney: Jon has been a member of the Oregon State Bar since 1982. A graduate of Lewis and Clark Law School, he is a longstanding member of the Portland legal community. Jon started his career practicing criminal law and gained valuable trial experience before moving on to his true passion: personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful death claims. Jon is happily married with two fantastic kids and a big, beautiful dog, Kai, who he brings into the office from time to time.

George Curtis, Attorney: George is originally from Wisconsin, where his father is also an attorney. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, he has been practicing law since 1982. Like his partner, Jon Zbinden, George gained valuable trial experience practicing criminal law early in his career before moving on to personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful death claims. When he's not working, George can be found with his family, on the golf course or at his local gym.

Elda Smith, Portland Office Manager: Elda is the firm’s longest-tenured employee with over two decades’ experience. Elda is known in the office for her glamor and often brings in flowers; over the holidays, she goes all-out with cookies, cards and other goodies. Elda enjoys spending time with her husband, an outdoorsman, and her daughter, a dental hygienist, going out with them on adventures almost every weekend.

Lupe, Woodburn Office Manager & Legal Assistant: Lupe has been with our firm since 2008 and heads up our Woodburn office. She is usually the first face you see when you walk through the door. As a legal assistant, Lupe primarily works with Jon Zbinden on wage loss and property damage claims. Lupe is devoted to the firm and is usually first in and last out of the office. She also has a very active family life.

Susi, Head of Reception: Susi is head of reception in our Portland office. She has been with the firm for almost five years, first as a file clerk, then taking over the reception desk in Portland. In addition to working at Zbinden & Curtis, Susi is pursuing her degree in Engineering. She spends her weekends up in Seattle with her friends.

Maria, Legal Assistant: Maria has been with the firm for six years. Previously a receptionist, Maria currently works in our Woodburn location, primarily handling property damage and wage loss claims for George Curtis. Maria lives in Silverton with her wife and their beautiful dog. She is an avid reader.

Dominique, Legal Assistant: Dominique has been with our firm for almost six years. She currently works with George Curtis helping to organize files, organize incoming mail and order records. Dominique has two fantastic children and two adorable puppies, Olive and Bear, at home.

Jasmine, Legal Assistant: Jasmine started working for the firm in November 2016, first as a file clerk and now as a legal assistant. Jasmine works with Jon Zbinden getting cases ready for litigation. She drafts demands, complaints and letters. Jasmine enjoys spending her weekends out on the town with friends or at home reading and taking her dog, Ramsey, for walks.

Natalie, Legal Assistant: Natalie has been with the firm since 2017, when she started as a file clerk. Natalie is currently based in the Woodburn office, where her primarily duties are ordering records and conducting follow-ups. She enjoys reading, video games and Harry Potter along with a night out on the town.

Marla, Demand Paralegal: Marla has been with the firm for six years. She works with George Curtis preparing files for demands, making sure all the records are ordered and put together to go to the insurance adjuster. Marla is passionate about books, good music and her pug, Salem.

Laurie, Litigation Paralegal: Laurie has been with the firm since late 2017. She handles all the litigation for George Curtis’ team, organizing caseloads and setting priorities. Laurie is often here long or odd hours, work on cases that need extra attention. Laurie is happily married and is very active in her large family. In her free time, she enjoys practicing yoga as well as seeing as much local theater as Portland has to offer.

Margaret, Litigation Paralegal: Margaret works with Jon Zbinden on litigation cases. She came to us after working on the defense side of personal injury claims and brings valuable experience from having worked “both sides of the aisle.” Margaret has also worked on both sides of the ocean as she spent a year abroad in England.

Cymry, Legal Admin: Cymry has been with the firm since August 2014. Cymry started as our scan clerk and now handles internal IT support. She scans the mail, updates the clients’ electronic files, handles HIPAA compliance, orders supplies, submits hours to HR, and assists with other administrative tasks around the office. Cymry holds a BFA in Stage Management from Southern Oregon University. In her spare time, she loves to read, knit, run, play games and play with her beautiful long-haired Chihuahua, Junko.

Valerie, File Clerk: Valerie has been with the firm since late 2017. She handles all the filing for the firm, including keeping track of files that need to rotate back and form between the two locations. She is in charge of organizing new files and pulling files as needed as we move cases forward. Valerie is also bilingual and translates for our attorneys when they meet with Spanish-speaking clients.

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If you or a loved one has been injured, call (503) 287-5000. Choose a law firm that understands what victims are going through. Jon Zbinden and George Curtis are experienced and compassionate lawyers who are dedicated to helping victims obtain the compensation and closure they need and deserve.

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We have Spanish speaking personnel available. Se Habla Español. A Russian interpreter also is available.

For clients who have transportation issues due to serious injury or are unable to travel, we will gladly come to your home or the hospital.

We will explain the legal process and begin steps needed to represent you in your personal injury claim.

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Zbinden & Curtis are Washington and Oregon personal injury attorneys who thrive on working hard for accident victims. Insurance companies have teams of attorneys protecting their interests. It’s time to level the playing field. Contact our firm. We can protect your rights.

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