Motorcycle Safety

Tips for safe riding

When the weather cooperates, residents of Portland and other nearby areas often enjoy a day of cruising the backroads and highways. Motorcycles are just as much a part of the roadways as passenger vehicles. That is why passenger vehicle drivers are expected to keep an eye out for motorcyclists. It only takes one negligent maneuver to cause a severe crash.

While it is important that drivers be courteous and aware when sharing the road with motorcycles, there are some safeguards that bikers can utilize to prevent a motorcycle accident. Riding a motorcycle is not the same as driving a passenger vehicle. It takes an adequate level of training, skill and awareness to ride safely.

Safety first

There are several ways motorcyclists can stay safe on Portland area roadways:

  • Gear up – Motorcyclists should always wear proper protective gear. Helmets, eye wear, gloves, boots, and other protective clothing, can prevent a severe – or life threatening – injury from occurring in the event of an accident.
  • Obey the speed limit and traffic signals – Speeding or disregarding traffic signals will greatly increase the chances of being injured in a motorcycle accident. And without the protective frame of an automobile, motorcyclists can be severely injured.
  • Be cautious of other drivers – Never assume that drivers can see you. Always keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles and practice defensive riding to avoid an accident. Making yourself visible helps increase awareness of passenger vehicle drivers.
  • Never ride while impaired – Always stay sober and awake before operating a motorcycle. Riding while drunk, drugged or drowsy, could reduce your judgment and reaction time.
  • Make sure your ride is running OK – A defective motorcycle is never safe to take on the road. Always ensure that your brakes work and everything is properly maintained.
  • Avoid hazardous weather – While it may be difficult to avoid an unexpected rain storm, motorcyclists should avoid riding in hazardous weather. Never ride during slippery, foggy or excessively windy conditions.
  • Watch out for road defects – Be cautious of sand, debris, potholes, uneven surfaces and other obstacles that could contribute to an accident.
  • Get further training – When it comes to motorcycle safety, you can never receive enough training. Improving your riding skills only reduces your chances of being involved in a motorcycle accident.

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