You Don't Pay Us a Fee Unless There Is a Financial Recovery

Personal injury victims often endure great financial hardship. If you are in an accident, we believe your focus should be on your family and your recovery, not on your ability to pay for legal representation.

At Zbinden & Curtis, our clients are ordinarily charged a percentage of the total amount of any recovery in their claim. The percentage charge will apply to any type of resolution-a settlement, jury verdict or some other alternative dispute resolution procedure.

American courts recognize that most citizens do not have the means to hire quality legal representation at an hourly rate if they are injured. Under the contingency fee system, no attorney fees are charged unless the attorney is successful. Payment of the litigation expenses, however, ordinarily is the responsibility of the client. These may include the costs of obtaining copies of photographs, medical records and other trial exhibits, expert witness consultations, hiring investigators and deposition fees.

Our firm routinely advances litigation expenses while the case is pending. That means clients don't pay out of pocket for those expenses, as they are deducted from the client's recovery compensation at the conclusion of the case.

About the Contingency Fee Agreement

At Zbinden & Curtis, we strongly believe our clients are best served by the contingency fee agreement. The following are some of the big advantages clients experience by entering a contingent fee agreement:

  • If your case is unsuccessful, you do not owe your attorney a fee.
  • If you are injured and retain an attorney as part of a contingency fee agreement, you can feel confident knowing your attorney can stand toe to toe with attorneys retained by the insurance companies to represent those who caused the harm.
  • Your attorney is motivated to work hard to get the best possible result for the client. By contrast, an attorney working on an hourly basis may not be motivated to win a case but, instead, will simply put in long, billable hours regardless of the outcome.

If you or a loved one has sustained a personal injury, call Zbinden & Curtis for a consultation or complete the online contact form. As part of the initial consultation, we can discuss the percentage you will be charged if your case is successful. The final cost will depend upon the complexity of the matter and other factors our firm will review with you early in the process.

Many personal injury law firms expect to be compensated even if there is no recovery of money. At Zbinden & Curtis, we see it differently. We are confident in the cases we handle and share in the risk of no recovery. We work as a full partner with you on your case and would have it no other way.

When you contact our firm, feel free to ask us any questions about attorney fees and how they may apply to your case. We think it's important to have an open and frank discussion about attorney fees before you choose us to represent you. We believe it's important for our clients to fully understand how they will be charged.

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We Take Extra Steps for Our Clients

We have Spanish speaking personnel available. Se Habla Español. A Russian interpreter also is available.

For clients who have transportation issues due to serious injury or are unable to travel, we will gladly come to your home or the hospital.

We will explain the legal process and begin steps needed to represent you in your personal injury claim.

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Zbinden & Curtis are Washington and Oregon personal injury attorneys who thrive on working hard for accident victims. Insurance companies have teams of attorneys protecting their interests. It’s time to level the playing field. Contact our firm. We can protect your rights.

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