Driver Distraction

Driver Distraction Accidents in Oregon and Washington Demand Serious Representation

There are many distractions for drivers, especially as technology advances and more gadgets get in the hands of drivers:

  • A motorist may be sending text messages, which increases the risk of an accident by 23 times.
  • A driver may be using portable electronic device, such as an MP3 player or personal digital assistant (PDA), eating while driving, changing stations on a stereo, or even looking at the scene of another accident.
  • A passenger may also distract the driver.

Those are just a few examples of driver distraction. Whatever type of driver distraction caused your accident, you deserve an experienced attorney in your corner. If you were injured due to driver distraction, or a loved one was injured or killed, contact Zbinden & Curtis today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Accidents caused by driver distraction can result in serious injuries or even a wrongful death. A typical type of crash stemming from distracted driving is a rear-end collision, which can occur when a distracted motorist looks away from the road for even a second or two.

Who is at Risk in Driver Distraction Accidents?

Pedestrians are also at risk of injuries due to driver distraction. A driver who is preoccupied may not see someone walking in a crosswalk.

If you were injured in a driver distraction accident, don't let the insurance company representatives and adjusters push you around. Level the playing field. Retain a tough-minded law firm. At Zbinden & Curtis, we take aggressive action against the insurance companies in our pursuit of maximum compensation for our clients.

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